Welcome to Books by the Window!

My name is Sally Miller, and I am an English Literature Masters graduate who is driving my friends and family up the wall with my inability to stop discussing books. I’ve started Books by the Window mainly to give myself a space to continue discussing literature and related media with others who love talking and writing about these topics.

About Me

I am a Christian, an English Literature geek, an International Student Worker, and a vegetarian. I drink too much tea, sing round the house, and look at the desserts before the main course. I’ve been known to ‘borrow’ books from people while they are still reading them. I’m living in the north of the UK, while my family are in the south, and I’m not picking up an accent no matter what they claim!

About Books by the Window

Primarily, I will be using Books by the Window to write about books that I’m reading, as well as those I think others should be reading. I will be writing about a range of different genres and styles: from Christian Books, to Contemporary Fiction, to Classic Literature; I also hope to write a little about literary adaptations at some point. I’m hoping that this blog, and the related social media, can be a space for discussion about the books and related media which we love so please do join in the ongoing conversation.

I’ll be trying to keep to a regular weekly update schedule with my posts, which will hopefully challenge me to keep writing even when life is busy.


The thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. I’m sure that I will make mistakes. I’m sure that I will sometimes express things others will disagree with. But I hope you will bear in mind that these are simply my thoughts on things that I love and are not representative of any organisation or institution I am linked with.