The Little Prince (2015)

The Little Prince (2015) directed by Mark Osborne

In a strange coincidence, it was only a few months after I had first read The Little Prince that I realised there was a film adaptation of it available on Netflix. Recently returned from my travels, and feeling very jetlagged, I was looking for something new but easy to watch; when I saw the poster image for The Little Prince film, I knew this was the film to get me through the evening. I was unsure how they would capture the tone of the novella since it is so unique, but I didn’t need to worry. This was a wonderful adaptation that kept the tone and themes of the novel, resulting in an emotional look at human imagination.   Read more


The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volume I

The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volume I

Have I mentioned before that I love Elizabeth Barrett Browning? It is not just her poetry that I find fascinating, although Aurora Leigh will always be one of my all-time favourite texts, but her life and relationships are so intriguing to me. Two summers ago, I was reading the letters which detailed the start of the relationship between herself and Robert Browning, and I drove my family up the wall with my constant quoting it whilst I was on holiday. We struck a deal: I could quote as much as I wanted to them over breakfast, but then I wasn’t allowed to mention it for the rest of the day. It was just so exciting for me to enter this world of literature, in-jokes, and thoughtful discussions, and to see their relationship developing before my eyes. So I was naturally very excited when I was given two more volumes of Barrett Browning’s letters last Christmas, and having no internet whilst travelling gave me the perfect excuse to finish of the first of these volumes. Read more

Characters I Connected With

Characters I Connected With

As I’ve been slowly filling in some of the lists in my Literary Listography, I’ve been struck by the wording of some of the categories. There is, of course, the possibility that I am overthinking some of these a little, but I’m finding it very interesting. One example of this is the list for ‘characters I connected with’: not ‘favourite characters’ or ‘characters I like’, but ‘characters I connected with’. As I’ve been filling in this list, it has me thinking about what it means to connect to a character, and so I’ve been adding characters to the list that I have identified with instead of just adding my favourite characters. There’s a difference sometimes, I think, between the characters you identify with and your favourite characters.

I’ve been finding this whole process fascinating, so I thought I would share with you a few of the characters that I have identified with the most throughout my reading life. I’d be interested to know what characters you have identified with too! Read more


Clariel by Garth Nix

Feeling a little anxious and homesick at the start of my travels in China, I decided to be nostalgic and finally (finally) have a read of Clariel, the prequel of The Old Kingdom series. As a teenager, I loved The Old Kingdom series, and I am excited to read the next installment when Goldenhand is released in October. I was vaguely aware of the existence of Clariel, but when it was released I was definitely going through a period of skepticism with regards to prequels, so it was only when Goldenhand was announced that I thought I should probably be up to date before the next in the series was officially released. Read more

Dreams of Joy

Dreams of Joy by Lisa See

Just before I went to China, a friend of mine gave me a copy of Dreams of Joy to read: a novel all about the Cultural Revolution in China. I had never heard of Lisa See before, but from what my friend told me I was excited to read a well-researched novel about a period of history I know very little about. I always enjoy reading novels which are set in the places I am staying, so it was fun to finish this whilst in Hong Kong (which is where the novel also finishes). Read more